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     Immigration - Permanent Residence

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      Frequently Asked Questions


Q : "How can a foreigner qualify for Permanent Residence (PR) in Singapore?"
A : There are basically 2 Schemes for a foreigner to qualify for Permanent Residence (PR). These are :
A) Scheme for Professional/Technical Personnel/Skilled Workers.
B) Scheme for Entrepreneurs.

Under Scheme A, the applicant has to be working in Singapore on an Employment Pass. The applicant should generally hold acceptable tertiary/professional qualifications or earn a basic monthly salary of more than S$2,000/-.

Entrepreneurs who have good track record and are interested to invest in Singapore may apply for PR under Scheme B. The applicant must deposit at least S$1.5 million with the Government. For further details on this Scheme, please liaise with the Singapore Economic Development Board at:

Immigration Facilitation Unit
Singapore Economic Development Board
250 North Bridge Road
Raffles City Tower #24-00
Singapore 179101
Tel: (65) 3362288
Fax: (65) 3396077

Alternatively, you could also visit the Singapore Economic Board Website at


Q : "How do I obtain information on the procedures for Singapore PR Application?
A : The information may be obtained from the Singapore Immigration & Registration Website on Application for Singapore Permanent Residence (PR).


Q : "Where can I obtain the relevant PR application form for myself?"
A : You can obtain a PR application form (IMM 4 or 4A) from the Singapore Mission nearest to you. The form can also be downloaded from the Singapore Immigration & Registration Homepage. To download the form, click here.


Q : "Where can I obtain the relevant PR application forms for my spouse, children or parents?"
A : You can obtain such an application form (IMM EP-16 or 45) from the Singapore Mission nearest to you. The form can also be downloaded from the Singapore Immigration & Registration Homepage. To download the form, click here.
  "Where can I obtain more information about living in Singapore?"
A : If you like further information about living in Singapore, you may wish to write to Contact Singapore at or visit Contact Singapore's website at and look up the section "Living in Singapore".
Q : "What is a Deposit Scheme? How is it related to application for permanent residence in Singapore?"
A : The Scheme is designed for entrepreneurs interested in making an equity investment of not less than S$1.5 million in Singapore. Applicants who are eligible under this Scheme can obtain permanent residence without having to go through the Employment Pass route. The applicant may be granted in-principle approval for permanent residence if he has a proven entrepreneurial track record and has indicated how he intends to invest the immigration deposits. The in-principle approval is valid for three months and effective permanent residence is conferred when he deposits S$1.5 million with the government. The S$1.5 million immigration deposit will be released subsequently for investment in the proposed business.

The forms for permanent residence applications under the S$1.5 Million Deposit Scheme can be obtained from:
Economic Resource
Development Division
Singapore Economic Development Board
250 North Bridge Road
Raffles City Tower #24-00
Singapore 179101
Tel: (65) 3362288
or any of the Singapore Economic Development Board’s overseas offices.

Courtesy of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs



MediShield coverage for newborns and youths in Singapore

From 1 December 2007, all newborn Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs) will be offered MediShield coverage on an opt-out basis.
From mid-2008, the Ministry of Health will also facilitate coverage for Singaporean and PR youths...



Singapore population in 1990, 2000 and 2006

Total Population by Residential Status for 1990, 2000 and 2006 (Mid-Year Estimates)[1]
Total Population
Singapore Citizens
2,623,700 (86.1%)
2,985,900 (74.1%)
3,145,800 (70.2%)
Permanent Residents  
112,100 (3.7%)
287,500 (7.1%)
462,700 (10.3%)
311,300 (10.2%)
754,500 (18.7%)
875,500 (19.5%)



Minister answers questions on Singapore permanent residents

"In 2006, about 57,000 persons were granted permanent residency status in Singapore. These new permanent residents (PRs) came predominantly from Asian and South-East Asian countries...

"In 2006, about 13,000 persons were granted Singapore Citizenship (SC). These new SCs came predominantly from Asian and South-East Asian countries..."



36,000 persons granted permanent residence in Singapore yearly

"Over the last ten years i.e. from 1997 to 2006, an average of about 36,000 persons were granted permanent residence (PR) in Singapore annually...
"Over the last ten years, an average of about 8,500 Singapore Permanent Residents became Singapore Citizens annually..."



Changes to childcare subsidies for PRs

"From 1 January 2008, PR children aged 2 months to below 7 years will only be eligible for half the current amount of centre-based child care subsidy.
"From January 2009, such children will not be eligible for the subsidy..."



Check your eligibility for Singapore PR or citizenship online

"The Naturalisation Eligibility Tool is a free online self-assessment system, to assist foreigners working and staying in Singapore to assess if they are eligible for either Singapore Permanent Residence (SPR) or Singapore Citizenship (SC)...
"Overseas foreigners are also able to use the system although theirs will only be a hypothetical assessment. These overseas foreigners are given the option to provide their contact particulars to enable ICA to contact them if necessary..."



About 200,000 new Singapore PRs in the next 5 years

"From 2001-2004, an average of 35,250 new permanent residents (PR) and 7,130 new Singapore citizens (SC) were granted per annum. In 2005, about 52,300 new PRs and 12,900 new SCs were granted.
"The average numbers of new PRs and SCs are 38,700 and 8,300 respectively, for the period 2001-2005.
"We could expect to add about 200,000 new PRs and 40,000 new SCs in the next 5 years if we get the same numbers of new PRs and SCs as in the last 5 years..."



Foreigners can get PR status with S$5 million investment

Foreigners can secure Permanent Resident (PR) status when they put in at least S$5 million with MAS-registered financial institutions for a continuous period of five years in a new scheme which comes into effect immediately.

Source: Straits Times 1 Dec 2004 (3)


Question No. 109 for Written Answer, 21 September 04

Question :

Ms Braema Mathiaparanam:"To ask the Minister for Home Affairs (a) what was the total number of applications for permanent residency made in 2002 and 2003 by (i) men and (ii) women; and (b) how many in each case were successful."

Answer :

In 2002 and 2003, ICA received an average of about 63,000 applications for permanent residence (PR) per year, of which 45% were submitted by males.

2 There is no significant difference in the approval rates for PR between male and female applicants. The PR approval rate is about 60%.

Source: Ministry of Home Affairs News Release 21 Sep 2004